Pipeline integration

The challengers will integrate their segmentation pipeline in the France Life Imaging platform with the help of the FLI team. Please contact challenges-iam@inria.fr for any question. The pipeline will be implemented in the VIP platform using the steps described here. Once registered to the challenge, please follow these steps as soon as possible to identify any potential technical issue with your pipeline integration.

Once the pipeline is integrated in the VIP platform, the challenger will:

  • Run the pipeline on the training data to test and adjust parameters (phase I).
  • Save the parameters that will be used during the testing phase (phase II).

The testing phase (phase II) will not require any involvement from the challengers. The integrated pipelines will be run on the testing datasets in the VIP platform, using a connexion with the Shanoir database where the testing data are stored. Segmentation results on training and tesing data will also be stored inside this database and opened to the general public after the challenge day.

By no means will the organizers use these pipelines for any other application than the challenge. Once the challenge is over, the pipelines will be removed or kept in the platform depending on the challengers’ wishes.

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