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France Life Imaging (FLI) – Information Analysis and Management (IAM)

France Life Imaging (FLI) is a large-scale research infrastructure project aimed at establishing a coordinated and harmonized network of biomedical imaging in France. This project was recently selected by the call “investissements d’Avenir” as an “Infrastructure in Biology and Health”. Its objective is a) to coordinate nationwide research activities concerned with in vivo imaging and combine the skills to push the current technological barriers, and b) to provide scientists a convenient access to a complete range of imaging technologies (150 imaging systems) and integrated services. In addition, the infrastructure will be open to collaborations with industrial partners.

Within this infrastructure, the node Image Analysis and Management (IAM) is coordinated by Inria. The objective of this node is to build and operate an infrastructure to store, manage and process in-vivo imaging data coming from human or pre-clinical procedures. We plan to contribute to build an archiving and management infrastructure of in-vivo images as well as providing solutions to process and manage the acquired data through dedicated software and hardware solutions. In addition, we plan to build versatile image analysis and data management solutions for in-vivo imaging that will allow the interoperability between distributed production sites and distributed users, heterogeneous and distributed storage solution implementing raw and meta-data indexing.

The main achievement of the node IAM is to install a versatile software platform made up of several subcomponents, which allows inter-connection of hardware facilities and software platforms. The software development is planned for 3 to 4 years, with an effort of 372 man/months.

The node IAM will use already existing data storage and information processing facilities from:

At the present time, all position have been filled

Technical Contact: Michael Kain (

Scientific Contacts:

Christian Barillot, IAM chair, VisAGeS U1228 Lab, IRISA , Rennes

Michel Dojat, IAM co-chair, GIN Inserm, Grenoble

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