Working groups

WG-1 “Interoperability and data management”

Membres: Christian Barillot (Rennes, coordinateur) Bénédicte Batrancourt (Paris, coordinatrice) Frederic Cervenansky (Lyon) Jean-francois Chateil (Bordeaux) Mathieu Hatt (Brest) Damien Husson (Nancy) Julien Lamy (Strasbourg) Franck Michel (Nice) Eric Poiseau (Inria) Aim:  The “Interoperability and data management” Working Group addresses the implementation of a distributed database allowing interoperability between identified FLI “sites” (CATI-DB, Shanoir, and ARCHIMED). Interoperability with local clinical warehouse will facilitate the use of the infrastructure for clinical imaging research studies. The data will be de-identified and organized so that processing procedures and workflows can easily be performed

WG-2 “Image processing and workflow”

Members: Tristan Glatard (Lyon, coordinateur) Yann Cointepas (Neurospin) Olivier Commowick (Rennes) Olivier Coulon (Marseille) Mathieu Hatt (Brest) Michael Kain (Rennes) Marc Joliot (Bordeaux) Carole Lartizien (Lyon) Jean-Francois Mangin Johan Montagnat (Nice) Vincent Noblet (Illkirch) Dimitris Visvikis (Brest) Jan Warnking (Lyon) Aim: The “Image processing and workflow” Working Group addresses the development and management of image processing pipelines that can interoperate with the data management system in order to be able to run, locally or on remote, image processing procedures by using either local computer or high-performance computing systems (clusters, grids on the cloud). The objective of this working group is to enable testing, adaptation and implementation of image processing pipelines based on proven and complementary technologies available within the participating teams (medINRIA, BrainVisa, and the VIP platform.

WG-3 “Preclinical imaging”

Members: Michel Dojat (coordinateur) F. Heitz (coordinateur)

Nicolas Costes Emmanuel Barbier (Grenoble) Franck Kober Thierry Detzescaux
Sébastien Meriaux
Jean-Paul Armaspach (Strasbourg)

Aim: The “Preclinical imaging” Working Group addresses the development of a web-oriented management system of preclinical brain imaging data through the extension of existing clinical imaging software architecture (CATI-PA Shanoir, MediBase). The objective is to develop a catalog of software and processing systems dedicated to data processing of small animals imaging. The preclinical infrastructure aims to promote the use of cohorts in preclinical studies. In the mean term, the IAM node will turn to industrial solutions based on specifications based on demonstrators and experiments carried out

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