Workshop France Life Imaging – JFR 2015

Workshop France Life Imaging – JFR 2015 – octobre 15th, 2015

Session IAM Node

“Which Challenges,which needs for  population imaging?”


Stimulate translational research by fostering interactions between radiologists and researchers


Researchers, Students in imaging, radiologists, industrilas


[gview file=”ée-FLI-JFR-2015-V4.pdf”]

Session 4 • Round Table FLI-­‐IAM : Which Challenges,which needs for population imaging?

  • Christian Barillot, CNRS-Inria Rennes “Introduction to FLI-IAM
    • [gview file=””]
  • Bernard Mazoyer, GIN, Bordeaux “Neuroimaging in population:: challenges and issues in health
    • [gview file=””]
  •  Pierre Mouillard, Vigisys, Toulouse “Population imaging – technical aspects and industry
    • [gview file=””]
  • Jean-­‐Gabriel Ganascia, UPMC-­‐LIP6, Paris: “Ethical issues in processing large data bases in health
    • [gview file=”éthiques-et-traitement-numérisé-de-larges-bases-de-données.pdf”]
  • Round Table  chaired by  Jean-­‐François Chateil, Michel Dojat
    • [gview file=””]


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