Hosting of Preclinical Imaging Studies

Open Science is today

Why do you need to jump on the train of Open Science and Open Access?

  • Because governments and funding agencies are already on this train
    • Canada: Tri-Agency Statement
    • Europe: H2020, The Wellcome Trust
    • USA: NIH + NIMH
  • Data management plans and strategies for long term (10 years and beyond) data storage and availability are being required from the beginning of your research projects


What FLI-IAM offers for your preclinical research platforms

  • Gives you the total control over the distribution and sharing of your data
  • Manages your study meta-data and preclinical images
    • Pathology models, therapies, anaesthe:cs and physiological data
    • Import Bruker and DICOM file formats (required formats will be supported to comply with the evolution of the ecosystem)
  • Secures online data sharing and data reuse
  • Provides up to 10 year storage of all your research data in the cloud
    • Original images + processings (code) + processing results
  • Processes your preclinical images on high performance systems, if required
  • Supports you to integrate your data analysis pipeline and algorithms
  • Enriches your data with links using DOIs to Open Access, e.g. OpenAIRE


What shall you be charged for*?

  • 0,99€ per animal for 1 year storage (depending on volume, assumption here: 100MB stored)
  • 2000€ to integrate your pipeline into FLI-IAM
  • 5€ per execution per animal per average pipeline (depending on required hardware resources)
  • FLI-IAM brings you the benefit of a solid, scalable and sustainable service without the need of investing yourself in a costly infrastructure with expensive maintenance costs.
  • FLI-IAM is part of a non-profit foundation

*non contractual estimation


How to join us?

Send an email to to:

  • Arrange a personal demo
  • Make a project kick-off
  • Find help to set up your desired project with long time data management

Or contact directly KAIN, Michael
+33 2 99 84 71 46 or

Demo video

The video below shows the solution for storage and sharing of preclinical imaging studies.