MS segmentation challenge using a data management and processing infrastructure


  • March 28: Registration opens
  • April 8: Training data release (15 patients with expert annotations for each)
  • April 29: Pipeline integration guidelines release
  • June 17, 11:59PM PST: Paper registration (no further registration after June 15)
  • June 24, 11:59PM PST: Paper submission deadline
  • July 20: Segmentation pipeline submission deadline
  • July 27: Papers acceptance
  • August 1: Final papers submission
  • October 21: Challenge day


Submission guidelines

Each participant may register one or several methods for evaluation in the challenge. For each method, the challenger will have to provide one short paper describing the method itself, including its parameters (input modalities, key parameters used...). Submitted papers should be in the LNCS format (available on the Springer website), recommended length is 4 pages, and a maximum of 8 pages will be accepted). Papers should be registered before June 17th (title, short abstract and authors) and submitted before June 24th to the following email address

In addition to the traditional papers, the challenger will also provide a pipeline integrated for execution in the FLI platform. Detailed in formation for the pipeline integration will be provided soon, but they should include everything needed to run the algorithms on a distant computing platform. Challengers are not required to provide source codes of their methods, only binary versions are sufficient. Moreover, the provided tools will not be used outside the scope of this challenge by the organizing team.