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France Life Imaging (FLI) - Information Analysis and Management (IAM)



The node Information Analysis and Management (IAM) is the computer science node of France Life Imaging (FLI), a large-scale research infrastructure project aimed at establishing a coordinated and harmonized network of biomedical imaging facilities in France. The IAM node is a consortium of teams that will contribute to the construction of a network for data storage and information processing. It consists of three work groups: "Interoperability and data management", "Processing and workflow" and "Preclinical imaging".


Mission statement

Our mission is to become the French entry point and service desk for research in medical imaging. In short, you come to us with your research project and we help you to find the tool(s) and partner(s) you need to do your research project in the most efficient way using our information management platform. Therefore, we engage us to maintain equal relations to all partners and their tools within FLI-IAM. This applies equally for research labs and industrial partners from large companies to start-ups. Our focus is to identify the best and most adapted solution for each client: researchers, medical doctors and companies.

At the moment, we have a strong starting position in neuroimaging extensible later to other medical imaging sectors. The field of medical imaging and especially neuroimaging has become increasingly complex with large data, time-consuming computational analyses and rising demands for data sharing, long-term archiving and scientific collaboration. We want that our clients can focus on science rather than on information technologies.

Furthermore, we maintain the highest level of interoperability between various components: medical imaging databases, imaging processing pipelines and computational platforms. Only interoperability brings research tools to a long life. That is why we invested and still do into APIs as a product, e.g. CARMIN (, flexible software modules (widgets and micro-services), a common catalog of medical images and a public searchable apps/algorithms catalog.


FLI-IAM, the software platform node of France Life Imaging (FLI), called Information Analysis and Management (IAM), provides services for in-vivo medical imaging.


FLI-IAM provides two big groups of services:

A) Software services: Software services include all services proposed and based on the usage of one or multiple software products available within FLI-IAM. Example: client pays for the storage of one patient in one of the databases for medical imaging for a specific time duration.

B) Consulting/support services: Consulting and support services include all services, where somebody asks for consulting and advice or needs specific support to setup or use one or multiple software products available within FLI-IAM. Example: 1) client wants to setup his own medical imaging database on a local server and needs help with the installation or the best backup strategy 2) client wants to know which system or combination is the best solution for his problem.


Within the software services (A) multiple services will be proposed:

  • A.1) Service Preclinical Imaging Research Studies
  • A.2) Service Clinical Imaging Research Studies
  • A.3) Service Imaging Databases + Processing Research Cloud
  • A.4) Service Clinical Imaging Cloud (HDS)
  • A.5) Service OAK - Open App Catalog/Store
    • Cloud execution
    • Local execution
  • Service MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses
  • Service Access to Standard Research Pipelines
    • A lot of research pipelines exist, that do a solid result, but people do not achieve to install them on their machine. FLI-IAM could do this hard work and expose the access to these pipelines. Some of them are completely open, even for commercial use.
  • Service Challenge Hosting
  • Service Data Exchange/Transfer
  • Service Common Catalog
  • Service Data Selling
  • Service Grant Helping/Data Management Plan


Within the consulting/support services (B) multiple services will be proposed:

  • Service Consulting
  • Service Marketing
  • Service Support

Demo video for A.3) (databases and processing):



Open App Catalog (OAK)

  • Catalog of applications

Challenge Hosting

  • Platform to organize scientific algorithm challenges within the field of medical imaging.
  • Evaluation of the pipelines